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Niko’s Kantina Ride: Sun, finally!

After spending a few nights in Surrey, the sun was out and time was  to ride again.


The day before we met with Debbie and visited the Deeley exhibition and lunch. Getting things ready made Dane change his mind about departure, so we decide to split and meet in Seattle in a couple of days. That way he has more time to prepare every for the big leave.

We rode together to Horseshoe bay and then part our way. It was a nice sunny day. Kind of warm and perfect for a ride. After we had a slice of pizza I took off.

From then on the day only got better. Highway 99 is just pure awesome. The bends, the scenery, the quality of the pavement. I wish I’ll ride that road again. Possibly on a faster bike.

Past Whistler I took the 12 down to Lytton where I stayed for the night. Found a campground that was bear proof. A freight train passing by every 30 mins. Went back in town to the liquor store, got me a six pack and sat down for a while. 3 mins 35 seconds to pass with 115 wagons. I counted only this one, but I’m sure at night they got longer.

No bears, no rain, good day.


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