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Niko’s Kantina Ride: To San Miguel de Allende

Places get old very quick if you are riding a motorcycle, there is always some place else to go!

So I go. Because it’s the only thing I know. I guess. With Durango and it’s residents in my heart, I’m sure I’ll be back. One day. Then I stop, flip the coin and turn back. One more night can’t hurt!
The following morning I was really ready to go. Satisfied with my experience of Durango and sure I’m going be back, but in no less than a year.

My next tarket was San Miguel de Allende, which was 730kms away. I was planning to get there in 3 days, because that morning I wasn’t in a particularly good shape. As I rode into Zacatecas, which was my goal for the day, I was feeling like riding some more. By 19h I was in San Miguel, where Art was waiting for me: “I was expecting you to come today” he said, despite the fact that I wrote them I’m coming in 2 days. He knows me well.

Art is a man who spent his life racing and riding bikes around the World. Motorcycles are his life and he loves it, I think this is what makes me feel related to him that much, despite the fact he could be my grandpa, he’s more like my brother.
Beers, tequila and dinner later, we finally catch up and start plotting our future efforts together.
A few very busy days ahead of us, which turned out to be more than a week. Carol, his lovely wife came back from the States and then we were safe. She is the boss and we’d just follow and had a great time.
Charlie, his best friend, joined a couple of days after and it was all party and motorcycles and the other way around. All in all we only managed to do a day ride, the rest was working on different bikes and yes, fiesta!


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