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Niko’s Kantina Ride: The inevitable

My bike dissolves underneath me, I feel like I’m flying. I am flying! That’s not good news …

After we left that lousy motel, all I could think of was Crater lake and our future adventures. We decided to get there on pavement, because we wanted to make some kilometers that day and get to warmer places. The road was straight and boring. Very boring. Nothing but cold, straight roads and forest all around.

We approach a view point and as I’m about to take the turn I check the mirror, see Dane looking the same direction, next thing I know, I’m flying. We had a crash. The first time I got rear ended and it was no surprise it was a bike… I was kind of waiting for that to happen one day.

After a lot of swearing and picking up the pieces, we soon realize the damage is not so extensive and except for Danes headlight, nothing was really completely destroyed. Both of us are ok, apart from a couple of bruises and aching muscles.

Quick, very temporary fix on the bikes and we’re ready to go. The north entrance to the crater was closed, so we have to do more boring pavement, but now with a greater safety distance and eyes on the road.

Crater lake, a lot of snow around. Also, a lot of tourists. I forgot it’s Saturday and this place is quite an attraction. I took some time sitting on the rim to just gaze and admire that place. The crash seemed so far behind.

After that, we get to Prospect. Starving on food and fuel. We start asking around for interesting campsites. The guy at the tiny two pump gas station, Mick, send us to this fishing pond about 7 miles down a tertiary road. The best ride of the day this road.

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