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Niko’s Kantina Ride: Storms, sights and new arrivals

The weather forecast was awful, solid rain and heavy wind for a week.

After I settled down at the Cushmans residence, Rebecca took me for a ride around Tacoma, where we visited a car museum and had lunch with Jim. Perfect day for sightseeing, so we went to Seattle as well.

I find Seattle has one of the prettiest skylines I’ve ever appreciated second to only to Tokyo and San Gimignano. The town is buzzing with an interesting energy, everyone seems kind and happy. It must the Canadian influence…

One thing that I’ve realized at the end of the day. I haven’t seen a single weed shop. I was expecting this town to be some sort of American Amsterdam, but it seems they cope without too many problems.

However, what did surprise me and it shouldn’t, everyone seems to have guns in their household. When I realized that my hosts used to compete in sport shooting the game was on. I decided I’m going to see who and how many guns they have, starting from the closest people. So far everyone I met has at least 3. Some people keep a small handgun in their pocket while shopping in the grocery store… And this led to another game. Try and guess who’s carrying a gun in their pocket. I don’t sleep as well as I used to.
Back from Seattle we start checking on the weather. There is a heavy wind alert and much rain to come. Luckily Dan and Rebecca were very kind and let us stay for a couple of days, till the crazy weather passed.

Us? Yeah, Dane just made it from Vancouver so we were a team again!

In the following days we were not sitting doing nothing, we visited Terry and his dream garages, waterfalls, pizza nights, motorcycle maintenance and so on. Great time all in all.

I have to thank Rebecca and Dan for the hospitality and great help showing around. It was the best place to get stuck waiting for weather to happen.

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