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Niko’s Kantina ride: A ride with Carla

After a good night sleep and a great breakfast, I was good to go, but not before I took one good look at a beauty that was hanging out in the garage. It’s a ’89 Honda Gb 500 TT in pristine condition. Her name is Carla, and me and Carla went for a spin.


What a bike! It’s the kind of bike that makes you feel like a badass. Just want to ride fast and flip off whoever has something against it. Got to love motorcycles because of this. Each bike is like an individual. Like a person you could say, but nicer. Well, this one has something extra special, I sure will remember Carla.

After I sadly had to return it, I left to Royal Roads university to check their gardens, then straight to the ferry to Vancouver to meet Dane and Danielle. Sushi dinner and Niko is a happy boy!


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