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Niko’s Kantina ride: From Canada with love

The beginning of the adventure. A long way down, from Campbell River to somewhere south. Argentina? Sounds good enough.


So, if I backtrack a couple of years, 15 to be exact, I remember reading this ride report from Patagonia in “Fuori” motorcycle magazine. My mind, unfathomable,  went into overdrive for years …

Back then it was just a hopeless dream, but as time went by and I’ve learned that life is meant to be lived, this dream would reoccur every now and then. Adventures happened and so one day I met Will, who was the right kind of crazy to do that. So we begin to plan. Dream on, once again.

Today, 30 years old, with a body of a 40 year and a mind of a stoned teenager, I finally got the chance to do it. For that I have to be thankful to my parents, that never questioned my sanity (at least out loud) and well, lets start as we should, from the start.

I have to thank Matej and the whole crew of Adriatic Moto Tours for the enormous support. Without them, this wouldn’t be possible. Of course my parents, for never questioning my sanity out loud, then Matevz, a.k.a. batzajla, for giving me a piece of his blog for me to write my nonsense.

Then a special thanks to Jim, who sold me his baby for this ride, more about that later, and Conrad, for his sympathy and help in the first days.

Ok, lets start the chronicle.

Packing everything I need and more...

Packing everything I need and more…


Conrad and Chris

Conrad and Chris


Jim and Kat

Jim and Kat


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