Parked my bike in Chiang Mai, flew to Sloveina to purge the carburetor on the CB 500, change passports and then straight to Lima for some more riding. Well, hello my big friend. I’m sure you’d be happy to trade your cargo with me 😐 #thailand #bmwmotorrad #makelifearide #rideordie #ridetolivefree #livetoride #ridetolive #f800gs #biketourasiaHočem več!

The situation in Peru was getting dire. There was no way I could get to Lima in time. Or at least that’s what I though, when I was wrestling my bike through the forest, around the umpteenth landslide. Even just 200kms seemed impossible on some days. Of course the rainHočem več!

Tourist, traveler, adventurer. It’s all a journey, just depends how you approach it. As I started my well planned journey down south. The plan was to be in Lima in  a week. 2518 kms in seven days is not too much, yet I couldn’t afford many delays. 2 border crossings and halfHočem več!

It was a feeling of huge relief when we set foot on Colombian land. Finally, the country I heard so much about was there welcoming me with open arms. Maybe Bogota is not the best example as it comes to people smiling and being relaxed, but you have to startHočem več!

From Montezuma to Panama city in less than a week. Funny place this Costa Rica, feels just like the states, a bit warmer. I left William to rush down. I don’t remember exactly why, I think it was because I didn’t want to rush on the way to meet ourHočem več!